The Edges of Prudence

natterings and musings of a girl just trying to "be good."

Just Be.

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I’ve stopped to smell the roses.  To watch the sunset.  To breathe in life all around me.  To self-indulge in the healthiest of ways: sleep well, eat well, be well, be present.  Pause.  Let go of achievement. Let go of efforting toward a goal.  Let go of the need to please.  Just pause.

Stress has become the popularized curse-word of our society.  Stress-this.  Stress-that.  But stress is no joke and it is linked to nearly every unhealthy counterproductive high-risk behaviour out there.  Over-eating.  Under-eating.  Over-cleaning.  Under-cleaning.  Over & under exercising.  Over and under indulging…achieving…being.

We are goal oriented people in a goal oriented society.  We glamourize high risk behaviours such as addiction leading people to achieve via self-destruction.  We encourage obsession, leading to a world full of overly anxious, self-conscious, over-achieving individuals who never feel anything we do is quite enough.  We don’t feel we work hard enough, play hard enough, exercise hard enough, so we end up doing them all WAY TOO HARD, tear our bodies and minds apart in the process and wonder why we still feel crappy despite doing everything “right.”

We forget to just be.  Be in the process.  Accept the journey of life.  Be present.  Accept that as long as we keep running after arbitrary goals and achievements whose reward will be a mere fleeting moment of self-satisfaction before we launch ourselves into the oblivion of yet another achievement-focused path we will never ever get the opportunity to enjoy life as it is, right here and right now.

I am teaching myself to be.

This is much more complex than it may seem.  I’m pausing.  Soaking it in.  Remembering that the moments where I laugh until my belly hurts, hug a friend in need, snuggle with my love and my pooch are the moments that truly count.  These are the moments I will remember and cherish for the rest of my life.  Not one of my achievements now or ever will measure up to the love, the friendship, and the laughter I have filled my life with.  Life is not the sum of our achievements, it is the matrix of moments we are truly present and appreciative of all we are blessed with.

Progress is received, not achieved, through surrendering to process, peace, and patience.

Just be.  You are perfect.



One thought on “Just Be.

  1. Well timed darbs. I think the time we take to stroll in the sun hand in hand with someone awesome will e tapirs to us in more ways than we’ll ever know. Thanks!


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