The Edges of Prudence

natterings and musings of a girl just trying to "be good."

Welcome Home

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It’s been a while.  I guess you could say I’ve been busy.  Anything I could list here as a reason for my lack of posts would fall into the “excuse” category, although all would be legitimate and true.  None of it really matters…well, it ALL matters, I just know that writing about it here doesn’t.  I’ve been on hiatus for a variety of excellent reasons.  I remind myself my true intent in embarking into the blogisphere – to do whatever I want within these text boxes.  To expand, to shrink, to explore, to just be.  So in being absent, I’ve still been around in spirit – just focusing my energies elsewhere.

As we sit in our post-endoftheworldnotactuallyending lives, I see the focus shifting to New Year’s and all that comes with it – indulgence, review of the year just passed, taking stock, solidifying resolutions for the year to come – I find myself at peace with the moment.  I have adventures to come, I’ve had adventures this past year.  This coming year will be like no other – as each accumulated year is in its own right unique.

I tend to be overly planful.  If I have any resolution this year, it’s to languish in each and every moment for what it is and avoid spending too much time focusing on the past and the future.  To take it all in, be grateful for what I have, where I am, who I am with in each and every minute.  To recognize challenges as important lessons that will enrich and nourish me.  To be humbled and appreciative.  To laugh, to smile, and to drink it all in.  To, as much as possible, know how blessed I am and to pay it forward wherever and whenever possible.






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